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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Drinking Chinese Tea

When the tea has become a beverage is still not sure, however in Chinese literature you can effortlessly find references about tea that date back to some 5000 many years. Actually in keeping with the ancient folklore in 2737 BC the creation of the brew happened. It is said that each time a camellia blossom was found in the scorching drinking water of Shen Nung the evolution of tea took place.

According to the records, in ancient period the tea was used for its herbal and medicinal properties. There exists some interesting side effect for smokers that tea can hasten the discharge of nicotine from the body. It was 8th century whilst the tea drinking evolved into an art form. This elevation resulted with the publication of Lu Yu’s “The Traditional Art of Tea”.

The Buddhist and famous poet used to be quite familiar with brewing, steeping in addition to the way of serving. For instance, the leaves should be placed in a cup made from porcelain and also slow-moving stream water. The fantastic environment for encountering the finished product i.e. tea was merely a pavilion particularly the one close to a water lily pond. This delicacy was enjoyed while in the circle of acceptable women. A few of his extremely useful tips on tea manufacturing are still in observed.

Reputation of tea spread throughout the whole nation particularly while in the following centuries when the Yu’s work was published. As a result tea drinking has become the leading matter for poems and books. Tea was then offered as a reward by Emperors of those times. And, then tea homes did start off to surface in area. Tea has a healthier function in the Chinese people’s lifestyle and that’s why they value it so much.

It is fairly spectacular to know that all categories of tea in truth come from one base i.e. Camilla Sinensis bush. There are four fundamental categories of tea, however there are numerous types of Chinese tea. White tea is considered healthy, because it is made from the immature tea leaves. The shades of green tea leaves are retained because it isn’t fermented in the course of producing. Dragon Well tea, is the most high-priced and also the most well-liked green tea. It is harvested in the slopes of Hanghou. The black tea is made in a fermented process, which can be also known as red tea because of its dark leaves.

The common forms of black tea feature Bo lei which is a Cantonese tea. This tea is mi der is frequently taken by older people. And then you will find oolong tea which is partially fermented and tends to make for a black-green tea. The Oolong tea also called Soi sin have a bitter taste and is typically grown in Fukien. The ‘scented tea’ will be the fourth assortment that is made by combining diverse flowers and petals or oolong tea. Nowadays, many of us never possess a pavilion or possibly a lily pond around our backyard but nonetheless we are able to relish this ancient tea.

Can You Feel The Love?

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