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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Jelly, Hold the Peanut Butter

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There is no peanut butter necessary when it comes to this kind of  jelly, Jellycat that is. Jellycat’s animals are so soft and cuddly making it very hard to resist them. Many adults are tempted to get a jellycat of their very own, but its the kids that can’t bare parting  from their sweet companion.

sumo wrestling suitssumo wrestling suits

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Cooler Than Ever

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Atsuyo et Akiko’s t-shirts are in and cooler than ever. Metallic screen prints adorn these sheer cotton short sleeve shirts. These tees are perfect for everyday but make a special occasion impression.

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Atsuyo et Akiko’s Perfect Accessories

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Atsuyo et Akiko is back just in time for any last minute summer accessorizing needs. They have mastered the art of the hair clip using sequins, metallic colors, tulle,and glitter. Their selection of necklaces are unique, whimsy and even fuzzy. Great for daughter and mom to share, and perfect to complete any outfit.

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