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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Sticky Whimsical World of Mae

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Mae Charmed, I’m Sure is unlike any other wall sticker collection. This whimsical wall art is made of fabric and uses vintage inspired colors and prints. The beauty of these beautiful stickers is that they are reusable. Thats right! You can scrunch them up, smooth it out and apply and reapply to any surface having no concern that it may ruin wall paint. There are deers, trees, birds, a full circus entourage and even dolls you can dress up. My favorite are the 1940’s inspired monsters that can be accessorized with hats, mustaches, hair and a pocket watch. With so many fun and sweet themes to choose from why not combine of all your favorite stickers into one big mural.

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Fun with Funfam

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When it comes to manners at the dinner table Funfam has the key. With their beautifully designed organic bamboo dishes, utensils, and placement mat, teaching your kids dinner table etiquette is easy. Available in two versions and always stylish, Funfam’s handmade tableware can help to make meals fun for the whole family.

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Woven By Lemlem

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Lemlem has been one of our favorite labels ever since its launch in 2007. With its woven soft cotton and bright colors, Lemlem’s children collection won the hearts of many mommy shoppers. This season, even though Lemlem has discontinued its kid’s line, we cant help but indulge in their lovely scarves. These three styles are great for windy days, to add color to a summer dress, or even as a sarong for kid or mom.

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Handmade Cozy Vests

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When we first opened, our Yoya knits were a major part of our collection. Today, almost ten years later, they are still staples at our boutique. Our knit vest are our most popular pieces. These handmade cozy vests are available in an array of colors and they make the perfect layer for cool spring days or chilly nights on the beach.

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More Shoes, More Sizes

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Tip Toey Joey is now available  at Yoya up to size 13 US. From everyone’s favorite metallics to lovely summer white, there are sneakers, mary janes, sandals and boots to choose from.

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Your Royal Princess

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This season we crown Nellystella and Luna Luna Copenhagen as the queens of princess wear. They have perfected the science of regal flair through the use of color, fabric and style. These elegant dresses are made of lightweight tulle, have girly accents like flowers and bow sashes, and enough twirl action to impress the smallest member of your royal family.

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