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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Fine Dining with SYM

by gg[singlepic id=385 w=800 h=400 float=]It’s back-to-school time and home lunches can pack a little CHIC on the side with these easy-to-clean coated linen lunch and snack bags. With simple retro inspired graphics and a fully insulated interior, Toronto based company So Young Mother, blends function with design. Think Mad Men starts kindergarten.  Portability is increased with three ways to sport this very necessary accessory. Detachable straps allow little ones to secure their valuables either backpack or messenger style. Or you can also opt for the basic hand-to-handle technique. Whatever your style, rest easy knowing that your bounty will be stored in an environment free of pesky PVCs and phthalates and kids can enjoy lunch by the craters of the moon, the plains of the Serengetti or wherever their imaginations invite them to dine. Reservation not required.[nggallery id=94]

Eairth Goodness

by gg[singlepic id=381 w=600 h=800 float=]

After the birth of her second son Melissa Ramsay, designer and co-founder of Eairth, was inspired to create a line for the younger inhabitants of our planet. Her own story is also very inspiring. She was at the top of her game having designed for brands like Victoria’s Secret, Express, Todd Oldham, Theory, and Levi’s when she packed up everything and surfed off on a voyage of self-discovery. It wasn’t long before her innate desire to design brought her to Eairth, an eco-friendly clothing company based in the Phillippines.  Their philosophy of “sustainable luxury” is evident through their exclusive use of natural fibers and dyes. Organic fabrics made from cotton, wool, silk, piña (woven from pineapple leaves) and abaca (a sort of banana plant) are given earth rich tones through sources of natural dyes like tree bark, indigo, and coconut husks. These cozy down-filled nests are the next best thing to being swaddled in the womb! It’s like a cocoon of love gifted straight from Mother Nature.