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Monthly Archives: April 2010

You gotta have ♥

[singlepic id=316 w=800 h=500 float=] Flashbacks to a simpler time and memories (real or imaginary) of homemade gifts from grandma are some of the side effects that may occur when in the presence of these adorable patchwork pieces from Nook-Nook. A sewn-on red heart shows the love they give, and our monkey friend even has a detachable banana that he’s willing to share.  There are also mini versions that make it easy to latch on to love everywhere you go![nggallery id=78]

Pirouette Across The Luna Luna

[singlepic id=307 w=600 h=800 float=]

by ac

When it comes to pink twirly tulle skirts and tutus the truth is there is plenty to choose from. But there is nothing that compares to Luna Luna Copenhagen’s delicate and soft tulle pieces. The ruffled pastel pink top accented with beautifully finished buttons can easily be fastened by elastic closures from the back.  Matching ruffled  bloomers complete this special ensemble for the perfect birthday outfit or to be fashioned at any festive gathering. Luna Luna’s lush ruffles and tulle will make your little gal feel like a prima ballerina in every occasion.

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Gossip Girls

by gg[singlepic id=311 w=800 h=600 float=]Harriet was quite excited about the new arrivals and could no longer keep it to herself.

OMBG! Tamar has done it again, springtime has been marked with much renewal with the introduction of her novel and delicate designs for the season. Precious lambs, adorned with vintage lace, imaginative bunnies boasting big bold booties and pointed ears and my absolute favorite….fancy, fluffy-tailed squirrels are welcomed additions to the clique!

See our previous post for Tamar Toys for more info and pictures of the rest of the group.

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John Robshaw: Bedding Guru

by ac[singlepic id=305 w=800 h=600 float=]Bedding is the best way to personalize a gender neutral room or to add some color to modern decor. John Robshaw’s crib bedding collection is inspired by Robshaw’s passion for Indian artisanal textiles.  His designs use an array of colors that compliment each other and the block print technique produces the most vibrant and colorful prints. Each quilt is made of 100% cotton and Indian voile producing a super soft and cozy cover up. Fitted sheets have a thread count of 300 and the decorative pillows are perfectly plush. What’s great is that their bedding is available as separates so you can mix and match the collections to create your own unique look.[nggallery id=76]

Rock N’ Stroll for SIDS Prevention

[singlepic id=299 w=800 h=600 float=]Luke’s Rock N’ Stroll II continues to raise awareness  and support research for SIDS.

In 2005, Laura and Steve Becton lost their 4-month old son Luke to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and lived through every parent’s worst nightmare. Inspired by their love for him, they vowed to honor his life and smile by working to preserve others. They joined forces with First Candle, a nonprofit organization that dedicates its resources to infant survival through their first year including safe pregnancies and the elimination of SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths).  The Luke Edward Becton Memorial Fund was born and hosted it’s first event in May 2008 which raised $60,000 toward prevention, research, awareness and grief counseling for families.

Saturday May 1, 2010 will bring Rock N’ Stroll II to NYC’s West Village for a 2-mile walk, run, stroll starting and ending at Pier 46 with family entertainment including live music, carnival games, art & crafts and much more!

Register to participate by calling 800-221-7437 or visit

Yoya will donate 5% of sales for Saturday, May 1 to The Luke Edward Becton Memorial Fund. We encourage everyone to support the cause by making a donation and/or participating in whichever way that you can.

The Age of Innocence

by ac/gg[singlepic id=296 w=800 h=600 float=]We love springtime in NYC! Blooming blossoms emit sweet aromas that can camouflage even the stinkiest of corners. Add in a chilled breeze from the Hudson River and for a brief second,  imagine yourself in….well a more rural, romantic, perhaps 19th century New York…oui! c’est ça….the Age of Innocence.

Jewels, vibrant colors, and shimmery silver accents are what Cupcakes and Pastries has to offer this Spring. A show stopping wrap dress in a bright yellow floral print trimmed with silver is the one irresistible piece in the collection. Equally beautiful, the perfect party dress in coral embellished with plum stones and shiny jewels to complete your princess’ summer wardrobe.

From beautiful liberty fabric to elegant ruffles, Cacharel always promises beautiful timeless fashion. The Spring line offers a floral bubble outfit, ideal for  introducing your new baby to friends and family. A drop waist dress in the same fabric is accented with beautiful pink ruffles that mimic flower petals and add in finishing touches with matching hats and shoes…. what could be more charming for this season?

Dagmar Daley’s Jubilee dress is the one piece we can’t do without. Its soft lovely tulle, darling gray and pink ribbon, and sweet ballerina silhouette make us want to pas de chat across a field of daisies.[nggallery id=74]

Hansa Animal Kingdom

by ac[singlepic id=295 w=600 h=800 float=]From a distance you might be fooled to think Hansa’s stuffed animals are real. The color, position of the body, and facial features are strikingly realistic, referred to by Hansa as “Portraits of Nature”. Handmade in the Phillipines each little  guy is groomed and dyed to create this lifelike affect. Each cuddly wild creature comes with a description of  its habitat, country of origin, gestation period, lifestyle and diet. Our collection of baby rabbits, ducklings, lambs and polar bears (coming soon) are sure to bring out your child’s inner Bindi.