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Monthly Archives: February 2010

From Nepal with Love

[singlepic id=270 w=600 h=800 float=]Keti means girl and keta means boy in Nepali, put both together you’ll find Ketiketa.  A seemingly delicate children’s collection that blends traditional Nepalese fabric and techniques with bohemian style.  Founded by two childhood friends with a common love for Nepalese culture, Ketiketa’s trademark is their use of hand-block printing and a special triple layered fabric known as dumbar kumari.  Invented by a 19th century princess, dumbar kumari is composed of printed fabric swaddled by two layers of fine cotton muslin. It’s the perfect combination for Ketiketa collection which uses natural fabrics, wools and cashmere to produce bedding and clothing for children newborn to 8 years old. [nggallery id=64]

Titanic treasures

by gg

[singlepic id=269 w=600 h=800 float=]Discovery Times Square Exposition is housed in a 60,000 square foot venue which was formerly the print house to The New York Times for nearly a century. Until Sunday, you can travel back in time to 1912 to roam the hallways of the Titanic, and view the largest collection of its treasures retrieved from the depths of the ocean. The eerie awesomeness is enhanced by a recreation of the ship’s Grand Staircase in all it’s grandeur. In all, it’s an impressive and significant exhibit that shouldn’t be missed….so hurry!

Also on exhibit is Leonardo DaVinci’s Workshop until March 14 and King Tut will open April 23rd.

DTSE is located at 226 West 44th Street (between 7th & 8th) 866 979 9692

Lucky Fish – the coolest catch.

by gg[singlepic id=266 w=600 h=600 float=]Lucky Fish tees are always the coolest catch of the season.  Bold iconic graphics and catchy color combinations are the trademarks that keep fans coming back for more.  The Brooklyn based designer behind Lucky Fish, is a native of South Africa which explains the wildlife inspired images that grace the line. I love that each tee is silk-screened and printed by hand giving them a ‘made just for you’ quality. Take my advice, and catch one if you can.[nggallery id=61]

Poof Perfected!

by gg[singlepic id=264 w=600 h=800 float=]Kudos to Zid Zid Kids for their latest creation….the Eco Poof! Known for their Moroccan inspired creations, the dynamic duo behind Zid Zid Kids believe that style and design don’t have to be sacrificed once you’ve entered the wonderful world of parenthood.  In fact, it’s a time to inspire and channel the creative energies of childhood. The newly designed poof is more angular and modern but still plays hommage to the traditional art of Moroccan embroidery.  The Eco Poof takes it one step further to educate and raise awareness about conservation and our environment. It is made from phalate-free European vinyl and it is reversible to reveal beautiful recycled fabrics. But here’s the fun part… teach kids to recycle, and reuse materials they can find at home like newspapers, old clothing,  and plush toys as stuffing for the poof. It makes for a fun family activity and children feel like they’ve done a special part in making their world a better place.

In-store soon[nggallery id=60]

Moomah delights

by ac[singlepic id=261 w=600 h=800 float=]

I arrive at Moomah desperate for my morning caffeine, although it’s already 1:30pm. My walk to the register is a long one, as I stop to admire the beautiful shadow boxes that line the wall. Surprisingly, there are quite a few kid-less adults relishing their lunch, which is the category I am about to join.

A few minutes after placing my order, a frothy heavenly cappuccino arrives at my table along with a bowl of granola, walnuts, raisins and honey that I couldn’t resist. Several kids are busy chatting up their chaperones, snacking or enjoying their activities. A sign on my table informs me that the Funky Forest is open. This, one of the daily kid events at Moomah, is an interactive projected forest where kids can play while mom sips away at her coffee or enjoys a 15 min neck massage in shenzhen (available on Mondays with a purchase of a Do-It-Together Kit). In fact, classes of all kinds are available, from glow-in-the-dark yoga to art and nature courses all operated by trained staff. Behind me, I notice a large screen which makes it possible for guardians to keep an eye on the little tikes while remaining in the comfort of their seats. Nifty!

Actually, the whole place is pretty nifty. The simple modern design, good music, yummy organic menu options and plenty of toys, puzzles and activities to keep the little ones entertained,  make Moomah unique and perfectly situated in a part of the city that has evolved into a family-oriented mecca.

Moomah is located at 161 Hudson Street (Tribeca between Laight and Hubert Streets)

Please visit their website, call 212 226 0345 or email for more information.

Pink Chicken A La Carte

by ac[singlepic id=260 w=800 h=600 float=]

Hooray! Pink Chicken has arrived. It’s never a dull ensemble when Pink Chicken is on the label. This spring bold colors, florals, paisleys and pastels accent the A- line cotton dresses and ruffled diaper covers. We coordinate these pieces to create an outfit that is sure to have all grannies, aunties, etc exclaiming, “How cute!”  Not only will your little lady be stylin’ in these sweet threads, but you can rest assured that the easy, generous fit and machine washable fabrics will keep her looking great for a long time.[nggallery id=57]

Tim Burton at the MoMA

by gg[singlepic id=250 w=800 h=600 float=]We are huge Tim Burton fans. The Nightmare Before Christmas has become a holiday tradition for our family snuggle moviefest. So, it was with great expectations that we visited the Museum of Modern Art to experience Tim Burton’s works and learn all about his evolution as an artist. The exhibit is awesome.  The entrance (photo above by Michael Locasiano) is a quintessential Burton creation and ushers visitors into the freakish world beyond which includes 700 pieces from his public and private collections. It highlights everything from sketches, to live-action animation, movies, props and  3-D models of characters snapped directly out from the Burton imaginarium. Perhaps the most inspirational artifact is the submission he sent to Disney as a high-school student accompanied by their encouraging response letter. It is really a true testament to his passion and drive as an artist.  The exhibition will remain in NYC until April 26. We can’t wait to see his production of Alice in Wonderland  next month.

Viva! Erbaviva.

[singlepic id=251 w=600 h=400 float=]Erbaviva products have been a staple at Yoya since we first opened our doors. One of our favorites  is the organic baby washbag. An awesome, non-soap cleanser in the form of sachets that look like teabags filled with wonderful gifts from nature like lavender flowers and oils, mandarin, milk powder and oatmeal. They are wonderful for newborns and those with sensitive skin and allergies. Erbaviva products make great shower gifts too and new parents will thank you for the introduction.