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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Sweet Sweet Little Merry

by ac[singlepic id=244 w=800 h=600 float=]Little Merry Fellows, a company started 12 years ago by a mama who wanted to provide her baby, and all babies, with comfort and love. From that intention a line developed offering cozy organic cotton blankets and other baby essentials. Among the selection are thermal swaddling blankets ideal for your newborn sweetie, terry lined blankets perfect for cool afternoon strolls, and hooded towels to wrap up little beach bums. Our favorite piece, the Moses basket, is a beautifully woven basket made of palm fibers. Inside, its filled with organic fleece and flannel bumpers and bedding. There is also a sweetly simple maple rocking stand that can be moved easily, making it possible to comfort your baby in any room in your home. And everyone knows, a comfy baby is a happy baby. Well, isn’t that what all mamas want?[nggallery id=54]

Eye Candy

by gg[singlepic id=235 w=800 h=600 float=]The official start of spring is still two months away but at Yoya we’re bringing in some sunshine with our gorgeous new collection of necklaces and bracelets. Handwoven and hand-dyed each unique piece is made from palm tree fiber so it’s super lightweight but the thing I love most is that the colors are so vibrant that they just make me smile. I hope that they will have the same effect on you and those around you. Afterall, a smile is the easiest thing to share and can mean so much to those who are lucky enough to experience it.[nggallery id=53]

Clothing Drive for Haiti has ended.


We have all been moved by the tragedy caused by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti and to their friends and family worldwide….especially here in NYC.

If you are able to make a financial donation, there are reputable organizations that are already established and functioning in Haiti. Here are a few that have come to our attention.

Note: We are not responsible for the manner in which these organizations use donated funds. Make your own assessment but please do your part in providing assistance any way that you can.

On behalf of the Bedford Haitian Community Center in Brooklyn, NY and Helping Hands Bring Sunshine we would like to thank everyone for their donations and willingness to help the effort in Haiti. At this time, we can no longer accept clothing/footwear donations. The response was fantastic but we have been advised that the best way to help at this point would be to donate funds to these organizations to help cover transport costs to Haiti.
Items that are still in high demand are: Water, medical supplies, canned / dried food, baby supplies, wipes, etc..

Thank you once again for an amazing response to this tragedy.

***Special Thank You to ZIPCAR for donating driving credits toward transport of goods.***


by gg [singlepic id=231 w=600 h=800 float=]

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day. Dr. Seuss

It was a cold, wet December day when we visited Swimming Pool , an awesome art installation by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich , presently located at PS1 Contemporary Art Center. Visitors can stand at the water’s edge and experience surreal moments by witnessing life beneath the rippling waters. If you venture below, you will find yourself in the most calming space in Queens; except for the inevitable lap or two, you’ll want to sit and meditate, even my 3-year old sat still for a minute![nggallery id=51]

Plan your visit before March 1st. It’s an easy train ride (E/V/G/7) from the city and great fun for all ages. See video visit

It’s a new Day!

by gg

If you’re like me, the start of every new year brings with it a lot of hopes and dreams for the upcoming months. Last year, my best life ever, kicked off with some help from Oprah and friends. I vowed to make big changes in my quest to be a better person. Although I hit some bumps along the way, for the most part, I managed to make a better life than the one I led in 2008. Now, we are 1 week into a new decade and I foresee many changes ahead… ongoing quest for improvement.  The thought of making resolutions can bring about a lot of eye-rolling but here’s the thing to remember; resolutions should be set as a guideline for living a better life. Too many of us sabotage ourselves by setting unrealistic goals at the beginning of a new year.

My advice: Aim high and aim often. Keep striving to attain your personal goals, after-all it’s really a win/win situation.  At least you’ll be closer to success than if you didn’t aim at all. A few days ago, I almost opted out of my first workout class in months because I arrived 15 minutes late. Instead I decided to continue with the last 45 minutes. It was a challenge but a good start to my best life ever this year, nonetheless!

Losing 5lbs instead of the full ten still feels better in a bikini than losing nothing at all!

Am I right, ladies? 🙂

Here’s to a wonderful and fulfilling journey in 2010.