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Chic Threads, dwellings and decor.

Cool Cotton Threads

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Short sleeves, crew neck and 100% cotton, what is there not to like about a basic t-shirt? They feel comfortable and can be worn with any pant, skirt, sneaker or sandal. T-shirts are one of the few wardrobe pieces that never go out of season or out of style. Here are a just few styles that are sure to catch your eye from Lucky Fish, Mini & Maximus, Hartford, Kaiko and Philip Lim.

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Don’t Let Rain Cramp Your Style

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April showers have sprung and its time to dress for the occasion. A for Apple, Petit Bateau, Imps & Elfs, Philip Lim and NellyStella have options no matter what style your little one rocks. Choose from the classic trench to an ant infested slicker, or a shimmery hooded jacket to a lovely ruffled leather number. The hardest part is deciding.

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Ciao Siaomimi

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Ciao Siaomimi! Sweet, girly cardigans and ruffled print dresses, butterflies, polka dots, gingham and multi-fabric shirts are what Siaomimi has to offer this spring. And lets not forget every girl’s favorite accent, sparkle. Sparkle blouses and dresses make the perfect casual outfit for any play date or weekend outing.

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Jewels of Spring Time

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We love kid’s jewelery with whimsical quality, but also a piece that mom can borrow because sharing is caring. Mathilde de Turckheim wows us every season with her handmade pieces of art. Hartford has us charmed with it’s beautiful coral bead rope, finished with fuchsia pink feathers. Meghan Park and Land of Lulo never disappoint, while Lamantine is a new beautiful addition to our selection of jewels.

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The Doctor Will See You Now

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Sprinkle a little imagination, a dash of curiosity and add Seedling’s Junior Doctor Kit and you have a recipe for quality playtime. The kit includes a real stethoscope, measuring tape, tongue sticks, surgeon’s mask, a medical check list, notebook and pen. So why not check grandma’s pulse, question dad about the family’s medical history, or find a cure for the common cold? Ok, that last one may take a few years of medical training but practice makes perfect.

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Aspirations for Spring

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The new Pom D’api sandals and recent east coast weather have me dreaming of Spring. To fling off my strappy sandals and join a frisbee game in Central Park, being careful not to slip as I run across the lawn digging my toes into the wet grass. Sunny days under the shade of a tree, ice cream that doesn’t melt as quick as it might in summer, and pampering my feet with some comfy open footwear after having spent all winter in clunky boots are just a few perks of Spring I am looking forward to.

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Smiling Planet

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Hearts, ying-yangs, ohms, and peace signs are Smiling Planet’s way to promote diversity, peace, love and environmental awareness to kids and their parents. Images such as alligators in yoga poses or people and animals meditating, cover their  plates and bowls. Promoting love not only with their artwork but also through the product itself.  These 100% recycled plastic dishes contain no harmful chemicals like BPA, lead or toxic ink encouraging us to love our bodies aswell. This month lets love our family, our planet and our bodies.

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A Monte of A Chair

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Monte’s Tavo high chair is the coolest. With sleek design features, this is a high chair that allows for your child to participate with the family during meals and, design-wise, it will effortlessly coordinate with any dining room. Black, brown or white bonded leather cover the cushioned seat allowing for easy clean up and creates a beautiful modern look. The maple wood base is available in a clear finish or espresso stain.

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Spring is Only a Few Steps Away

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Tip Toey Joey is helping us bring in the Spring season early this year with its sassy maryjanes, cute sandals, and baby slip-on. Their silver velcro maryjane is perfect for any evening event. The alternative, red maryjane says ” Yoohoo, I am over here” but provides the perfect comfort and support for an everyday shoe, especially for first time walkers. And for the warm summer days there are two styles of sandals in basic colors that are sure to be perfect with your little ones summer wardrobe.[nggallery id=108]